Send all application letters and letters of recommendation to


Your Application Letter

Your application letter should be a plain-text email (possibly including some $\LaTeX$-coded formulas), with the Subject "REU Application," containing:

  1. Your name.
  2. Your college or university.
  3. Your year in school (1st, 2nd, 3rd) during 2013-2014. (Note: if beyond 3rd year, check "Eligibility".)
  4. Your major(s) and minor(s)
  5. Your phone number.
  6. Your email address.
  7. Your preferred number of weeks of participation (6 to 10, beginning June 23, 2014).
  8. (Optionally) Any URL that may be relevant to the consideration of your application, e.g., of personally-authored or co-authored research papers, personal webpage, etc., along with a one-paragraph description of its relevance.
  9. A brief description of any creative problem-solving experience you have had.
  10. A list of your recommenders, together with their URL, email address, and a brief description of the nature of your interactions with them. Please clearly state whether or not you are waiving your right to access to the recommendations, and inform your recommenders of your decision.
  11. A representative list of up to ten advanced Computer Science, Mathematics, and Statistics courses that you have taken or plan to take before the summer of 2014. For each course, please list the title, textbook, and grade received (or indicate current/prospective enrollment), year/semester in which you took the course. Please characterize each course as being proof-based, practice-based, or both. If you did not take the course at your current college/university, please indicate where you took it.
  12. Which project(s) most interest you, and why (in at most a half page per project). Please indicate your order of preference.
  13. (Optionally) Other brief comments of relevance.

Please do not send attachments!

Letters of Recommendation

You should have one or two letters of recommendation sent to the email address above. Please ask your recommenders to include a brief description of themselves. We prefer plain-text email recommendations, and that the Subject be of the form "REU Reference <name-of-student>."