Program staff

Laszlo Babai, Program Director: Ryerson 164 and TTIC 524 Stuart Kurtz, Associate Director: Ryerson 166 and TTIC 524 Liv Leader, TTIC Director of Human Resources and International Affairs (until June 30) TTIC 507 Jeanette Brown, TTIC Human Resources Coordinator (from July 1) TTIC 507 Myra Jackson, TTIC Human Resources Coordinator (from July 20) TTIC 507 Anna Ruffolo, TTIC Controller, TTIC 508

Street addresses:

Ryerson Hall: 1100 E 58th St (second building on the NW corner of 58th Street and University Avenue) Eckhart Hall: 5734 S University Avenue (adjacent to Ryerson) TTIC: 6045 S Kenwood Ave

Emergency phone numbers:

Laszlo Babai: (773) 592-7384 Stuart Kurtz: (708) 822-1279 Myra Jackson: (773) 702-5033


Please send all comments and questions by email to both the Program Director and the Associate Director. It is important that both of them receive your message so the one who is available can respond and/or take action.

The Program Director's and the Associate Director's email addresses are in the domain “”. Their user names are “laci” (Babai) and “stuart” (Kurtz).