Program Faculty

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László Babai

George & Elizabeth Yovovich Professor of Computer Science & Mathematics, University of Chicago
Research areas: computational complexity, algorithms, combinatorics, finite groups, and especially the interconnections among these areas.

Offices: Ryerson 164 and TTIC 524
Email: laci at cs
Phone: 773-592-7384

John Lafferty

Louis Block Professor, Statistics and Computer Science, University of Chicago
Research areas: machine learning, statistics, nonparametric methods, sparsity, graphical models, information theory, text modeling, computer vision.

Offices: Ryerson 275D and TTIC 518

Yury Makarychev

Associate Professor, Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago
Research Interests: Theoretical computer science including combinatorial optimization, approximation algorithms, semi-definite programming, unique games, low-distortion metric embeddings, and lift-and-project methods.

Office: TTIC 437

Alexander A. Razborov

Andrew MacLeish Distinguished Service Professor, University of Chicago
Research Interests: Complexity theory, especially circuit complexity, proof complexity, quantum computation, communication complexity, and combinatorics.

Offices: Ryerson 257E and TTIC 416
EMail: razborov at cs

Greg Shakhnarovich

Assistant Professor, Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago
Research Interests: Computational vision and machine learning. His current research is focused on automatic understanding of visual scenes, including recovery of three-dimensional structure and detection and categorization of objects. He is also generally interested in similarity-based, supervised and semi-supervised statistical learning methods.

Office: TTIC 424
EMail: greg at ttic

Madhur Tulsiani

Assistant Professor, Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago
Research Interests: Complexity Theory, approximation algorithms and hardness of approximation, convex optimization, pseudorandomness, and arithmetic combinatorics.

Office: TTIC 534
EMail: madhurt at ttic

Visiting Faculty

Sourav Chakraborty

Associate Professor in the Computer Science Group, Chennai Mathematical Institute
Research areas: classical and quantum complexity of Boolean functions (including property testing, sensitivity and block sensitivity of Boolean functions and quantum database search), in electronic commerce, in graph algorithms and in coding theory.

TAs to Babai's project

Yuan Li

C.S. PhD student
Office: Ryerson 162B
Email: yuanli at cs

John Wilmes

Math PhD student
Office: MathStat 012, Stevanovich Center, 5727 S University Avenue
Email: wilmesj at math